What does becoming a multiplier mean to you?

Teaching Time:

As we have already discussed in session 2-5, a disciple is someone who follows Jesus, someone who’s life is being transformed by Jesus and someone who has joined Jesus on His mission. We have also established that the mission of God is to spread His glory to the ends of the earth. We believe according to Matthew 28 that the main way this happens is when the Church is faithful to the Great Commission and begins to make disciple-making disciples. Jesus is our model. He did not just make disciples; He made disciple makers. There is something different about approaching discipleship with the intention of making a disciple maker. Your goal is not limited only to the person you are meeting with, but extends to the hundreds of people your disciple will influence over the course of their life. When Paul instructs Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:2 to entrust the message of the Gospel to faithful men who will be able to teach it to others, he is referring to Timothy being intentional in discipleship. Don’t just meet to be meeting with someone to check off your discipleship box for the week. Think through and pray through the people you are pursuing in discipleship relationships. Prayer is the most important ingredient when it comes to making disciples. Even as Jesus chose the 12 apostles, He went away by Himself to pray and sought God in who He should choose to be His closest followers. There was intention. There was a strategy. Just like Jesus, we should be in constant prayer seeking the will of the Father as we live our lives committed to building the Kingdom. Being a disciple maker is about being on mission. Being a disciple maker puts you one step closer to seeing the Great Commission becoming an accomplished fact.


Read 2 Timothy 2:2.

  • What sticks out to you most in Paul’s instructions to Timothy here?

  • How would you define a reliable man/or woman when it comes to teaching what’s been taught.

  • Understand that Paul was giving instructions to Timothy who was a very important leader in the early Church. He was instructing Timothy on how to set up Church structure and advising him on how the Church would grow, effectively and healthily. Discipleship was the best model for Church growth then, and it’s the best model now.

Read Ephesians 4:15

  • We believe that a disciple is a person who in every way is becoming more like Jesus Christ. We have already defined a Disciple as someone who follows Jesus, someone who is being transformed by Jesus and someone who has joined Jesus on His mission.

  • Why is making disciple making disciples the most important thing we can do as followers of Christ?

  • Why is it overlooked so often in the Church today?

  • How can you help change that?

Read Matthew 28:18-20

  • Do you see this as a command or a suggestion?

  • What do you think this looks like in application?

  • Whats the best way to make disciple making disciples?

In your life, who are the people you spend the most time with? Is the Holy Spirit working through you to influence those around you? Start there.

Can you imagine if we took this model of discipleship as seriously as Jesus did? How would the Church look different? How would the world look different?

Use this tool we have spent our time going through as a starting point.

Where do we get it wrong?

  • Myth 1: I don't have anything to offer anybody else.
  • Myth 2: I'm not qualified to make disciples.