Here to Stay Campaign

The journey began with a burden to reach those far from God here in our home town almost 8 years ago. We partnered with Connection and planted our church 7 years ago. We have been able to witness God as he has done some amazing things among us, in us, and through us. We have seen lives saved, and we have seen lives transformed by the power of the Gospel. Many have been baptized. Marriages have been reconciled. And healing has begun. Throughout the time of our journey,we have been portable, meeting in an elementary school cafeteria and then moving to our current k-12 school cafeteria. This process of setting up God's house every week has kept us grounded,  as every week we realize that we the people are the church! As awesome as this has been, we know our journey is far from over. We are not here to be a temporary ray of hope and Goodness to our community. We are here to invest in a community of people who are ready to see real change happen, reminding them that it is all about Jesus.  We believe it is time to show everyone that we are “Here to Stay”, by putting down permanent roots here in Millen, Ga. We made the first step in 2019 by purchasing 14 acres, on the edge of town, and Now it is time to take our next step by building a permanent home for Connection Church Millen. Our hope is that our community will know that we are “Here to Stay'' so that we can continue to love and serve our community and strive to show them Christ in a tangible way.   

A message from our pastor:

"I am so thankful to be from Millen and to be able to plant this church here. I love this community and I desire to see not only our community affected but to reach all of the communities that connect to us. Our heart is to not only connecting people to Jesus, but to create a community of believers that thrive and take the Gospel with them everywhere they go. It isn't just about a building but a movement. It is my vision to see this permanent facility giving us a launching pad to do so many new things. Once our building is finished, we will have a house of prayer, a place where all can come and pray and seek the lord. Once our building is finished I see it as a place where people not only come to a service but encounter the living God. Having our building finished will enable us to see more people delivered and set free from the things that hinder their relationship with Christ to thrive. Having a permanent facility will allow us the ability to do focused events and be able to invest in the next generation with more intentionality.

We already have plans completed and are about to begin clearing and bringing the site to sub grade. Our current budget is $600k. The Lord is doing great things here and I would like for you to be a part of this Movement, by giving generously to our “Here to Stay'' campaign and being a part of what God is doing and will be doing through our church. Thank you in advance for your generosity!"

If you would like to donate to the "Here to Stay" campaign, please select it from the dropdown box on the donations page.

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Why do we give to the local church?

Jesus said that where your treasure is, your heart is there also. What He means is that if our money is our treasure, our heart belongs to our wallets and not to Him. The Bible also speaks about being a good steward of all the blessings God has given you, including your money. So we want to honor Him by giving back a portion of what He has so generously given to us.

How can I give to Connection Church Millen?   

At Connection we have several ways that you can give:

  • Give by check or cash on Sundays when the offering is taken during the service.
  • Mail a check to our office: 1178 E. Winthrope Avenue, Millen, GA 30442
  • Text your donation amount to 84321 and set up your text-to-give account. (See below for more instructions)
  • Click the "Make a Donation" button below! (See below for more instructions)

Using Online Giving

For a One Time Gift

1) Enter your donation amount and please specify which fund you are contributing to. 

2) Enter your email and payment information. 

3) Click the Donate button.

To Set Up a Log In Account

1) Click Log In

2) Follow the instructions to create an account. 

3) Enter in the necessary information.

4) Set up your recurring donation.

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Using Text-To-Give

1) Simply text the dollar amount of your donation and to which fund you are contributing it the number 84321. 

Example: $10 general, $10 one-one

2) Follow the link to set up your Text-to-Give account.

(Watch the video below to see how it works!)