Here are a few key points to remember in your meetings

Be Prepared:

Do your homework and read over each session before you meet.  Read the passages, use available tools, and plan ahead. 

Everyone learns at a different pace:

Please don't feel obligated to complete each session in one sit down or go in an exact order.  Some sessions may warrant more time to discuss and breakdown.  This is just a tool to help guide your conversations. Therefore, please feel free to address other topics or scripture.  Ultimately you must let the Holy Spirit guide your direction. 

Everyone's starting point is different:

Find out where people are before you begin.  Ask questions. "Have you ever been discipled before? How much have you studied scripture?  On a scale of 1-10, what do you think your biblical knowledge is?  What does being a follower of Jesus look like to you?"  Biblical knowledge does not mean better Christian. Encourage your disciples to be willing and open to reevaluate things they think they already know. 

Be willing to say "I don't know":

This intentional time for growth is not just for the disciple, but for you too.  While there may be lots of questions asked during discipling sessions, don't be afraid.  It is better to have humility than to be a false teacher. Be willing to seek the answers together or reach out to fellow leaders for support. 

This is a relationship:

Discipleship is not strictly a teacher/student activity.  Jesus lived life with his disciples. He broke bread and shared life with them. Where possible, your relationship should go deeper than a once a week meeting.  Grab lunch.  Call and check on them.  Go in the world and demonstrate what it means to be the light to others on an everyday basis. This is a fluid journey, not a one stop shop. Be willing to let the Holy Spirit steer you.


The most important thing you can do is make sure you invite the Holy Spirit into your sessions with you.  Pray before you meet.  Pray while you meet.  Let Him be your guide and you will be successful.